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Time Track, March 2012

March is different.

This is the first thing you'll notice, if you actually compare this month's TimeTrack evaluation with the others. The reason is that Lenten Season started on February 22. And the thing I'm "lenting" - apart from Coke, to get a better daily rhythm - is certain websites like YouTube, cracked.com, and all things Apple news. Keep that in mind. March is different.

Total computer runtime per day (on average)1: 9:39
Even more than before, interestingly. You'll see why in a minute.

Firefox: 2:32
This, on the other hand, is a lot less. Of course. March is different, remember?

Xcode: 1:26
Okay, this is big. That's about 1/7th of all the time I used my computer in March.

The reason for that is, again, Lent. Since I'm not allowed to browse all the websites I usually spend so much time on, I've started to take up programming some more. If you browse to Apps real quick, you'll see the new app FTP AutoUploader, which I wrote mostly for myself, to make updating my homepage (and other websites) way easier. Feel free to try it if it seems useful for you.

The other app I spent a lot of time working on will (or should) be released very shortly. Stay tuned.

Adium: 0:41
Nothing new here. Still chatting on Facebook a lot.

Finder: 0:41
How did that happen?

TextWrangler: 0:28
Again, writing my thesis and coding PHP. In case you're wondering, the time working on my thesis is actually distributed between Xcode, Firefox, Numbers, TextWrangler, TeXShop, Keynote, ...and that's just the apps I can think of off the top of my head.

Mail: 0:27
Guess I also spent more time answering emails. That's a good thing, right?

QuickTime Player: 0:26
I'm pretty sure this was mostly Sundays, because that's the day I'm allowed to watch downloaded YouTube videos. You'll notice that this is, after all, not much less than before. If we look only at Sundays, it's 2:05 per Sunday on average - so about two thirds of the time I used QuickTime Player was on Sundays.

iTunes: 0:26
Sorting my music, I guess? That seems like a lot.

Firefox Plugin Process: 0:13
Most of that (about 5/6) was on Sundays, on average 1:23 per Sunday. I guess I watched a lot of YouTube videos right on YouTube, mostly letting queues run through and sitting there doing nothing. I can just see myself.

Aurora + Alarm Clock: 0:13
I'm mingling these two because Aurora replaced Alarm Clock halfway2 through March. This is because I got it for free with the MacUpdate Spring Bundle, and it really is way better for the job. I actually used Aurora more, because I also use it to listen to music before I sleep - it lowers the volume gradually and sleeps the Mac automatically after a few minutes.

Caution: I've heard that you should not buy Aurora Lite from the Mac App Store, because apparently it doesn't include a function to wake up your Mac, so you'd have to set it up to awaken (or start up) in System Preferences. Not sure what's up with that, because the "real" version of Aurora is not actually more expensive. Maybe the makers of Aurora just don't like the Mac App Store.

Numbers: 0:12
Like I said above. ;)

VMware Fusion: 0:12

Notizen: 0:11
Heh, well that's a boost. It wasn't even in the list before. Well, I use that to manage the tasks I have to do for my programming (and other) projects, because it's pretty much made for that - switching to the Projects folder, editing text files in there, checking off single tasks. Switching back to the General folder and checking off daily tasks. Well, since I have Reminders on my iPhone, I use that more for daily tasks, but other than that, Notizen is undefeated as my To Do app. Really looking forward to Mountain Lion's new Notes implementation. If that really supports multiple folders and rich text, like I heard, it might replace Notizen for me - paired with Reminders, that is.

TextEdit: 0:10
Just jotting down quick notes that aren't worth putting in Notizen, rearranging random text snippets, that kind of stuff.

Pixelmator: 0:09
I know, I know, I'm breaking my own 10 minute rule. This is just so interesting, because my image editing app Pixelmator wasn't even close to being on my list before. Looks like I spent quite some time designing the icons for my new apps, among other images - including the top bar for my new Music page, and some things you'll see when I release my surprise I told you to stay tuned for.

Well, that's it for the different month. The list got a little longer, I guess my computer use got more versatile. There's 15 apps on it this time, 14 if I was playing fair. Compare and contrast with the 11 apps for January and March.

Lent is ending in a little less than a week, but I'm eager to see how it will affect my life for the next year. I don't expect everything to go back to, you know, "normal".


1 All of them are per day and on average, so I'm not going to add it to each and every single one.
2 More like two thirds through March, to be somewhat more precise.

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