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Time Track, January 2012

Starting on January 16th, 2012, I'm tracking the time that I use my Mac. The main reason is that I found this free app Time Track in the Mac App Store. I don't remember the exact time of day I started using it, but I think it was around 2:30 pm. So without further ado, let's have a look at the Top 11 of what I did each day on average for those 15.4 days. Why Top 11? ..because I decided to make 10 minutes the low limit before actually counting them.

Total computer runtime per day (on average)1: 8:26
That's actually not too bad, I was afraid it would be more. :)

Firefox: 4:04
Note: what an appropriate duration to use Firefox!

So about half of the time I spend at my computer is spent in my browser. That doesn't come as a surprise to me - of course, this includes Facebook and various news sites, but also research for college, listening to music on GrooveShark, and more. Furthermore, I presume Firefox is active most of the time my Mac is idle, i.e. when I'm not actually there.

XBMC: 0:31
XBMC stands for Xbox Media Center. If you have the movies and TV shows you own as files, because you rip your DVDs or buy your movies online, this is really useful to organize them and arrange them neatly. Since I didn't know about XBMC before I started using Time Track, that time - 8 hours total - was not only for watching things, but also for setting up XBMC in the first place.

QuickTime Player: 0:26
Also watching movies, but also watching downloaded YouTube videos.

Adium: 0:23
Read: "Facebook chat". Adium is the app I almost exclusively use for that.

Finder: 0:21
Finder is the Mac counterpart to Explorer on Windows, for everyone who didn't know that. You can probably figure out what I do with that.

Mail: 0:18
About 18 minutes a day reading and answering email. I don't know what that says about my email behavior.

TextWrangler: 0:16
That was mostly programming things. I also write my blog posts in TextWrangler, but I clearly didn't write any in January.

Alarm Clock: 0:14
That's my average time between waking up and getting out of bed, guys.

iTunes: 0:13
Of course that was not all the time I spent listening to music, only starting the music. I don't even have to activate iTunes to switch tracks anymore.

Firefox Plugin Process: 0:13
I suspect that was mostly, if not only, YouTube videos. (The ones I didn't download and watch with QuickTime Player.)

Xcode: 0:10
Uh.. programming for college. I guess I didn't have a lot of programming to do, mostly researching and waiting for simulations to finish.

Other: 1:18
Including, but not limited to, TextEdit (= the Notepad / WordPad equivalence on Mac OS), Numbers (= Apple's counterpart of Excel), Preview (picture and PDF viewing app), Pages (= Word), TeXShop (LaTeX app (not the rubber!)), VLC Player, VMware Fusion (to run Windows software without actually booting into Windows), OpenSong (we use that at Campus für Christus to project worship lyrics onto the wall), NewNewsWire (RSS app), iCal (calendar, to plan all the exciting things I'm doing when I'm not sitting at my Mac) and Keynote (= Powerpoint). Also note that I've been using my own Notes app for roughly one minute a day.


1 All of them are per day and on average, so I'm not going to add it to each and every single one.

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