Work Timer is for measuring how much time you spend working. In addition to keeping track of the time you worked each day, it allows you to use the Pomodoro technique. In a nutshell, with this technique, you work in 25 minute sessions with 5 minute breaks in between. It's described in more detail on


The best way to show how it works is through a screenshot:

The total timer can quickly be paused and restarted. For the Pomodoro part, it will play a ringing sound and send a notification to Notification Center every time a work block (also called a Pomodoro) ends or a new one begins. You can enter the topic you're working on, which will be logged, or disable the Pomodoro timer altogether. Note that whenever you take a break or stop and restart the Pomodoro timer, it starts counting down from 25 minutes again; this is because single Pomodoros (or Pomodori) should not be interrupted, or at least restarted if they get interrupted.

The time worked every day, plus each Pomodoro, will be logged and stored in a database. Since I made this app to support my studying, and not to keep me from it by implementing countless features, there's not really a pretty way to view the database, but just a table for time worked per day and one table for the Pomodoros and topics. These are in the Database Contents window (Window → Database Contents).

Another feature is to edit the timer manually, which is found in the Edit menu. This is useful if you forgot to start or stop the timer.

If the date changes, you have to manually quit and restart Work Timer to update to the next day.

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