Alpha version 0.31. App name and icon are subject to change.


With FTP AutoUploader, you can specify a server and a local path. Whenever a file in the local path (including subfolders) changes, it will be added to a list of changed files. Just select each file you want to keep in sync, and from then on it will automatically be uploaded during the session. Note that you're using the app at your own risk (as always).

What FTP AutoUploader is not is an FTP client or a tool for keeping the local file structure in sync with the server file structure, as files on the server will not be renamed or removed. In fact, FTP AutoUploader can not manage files on the server, only overwrite them when their local counterparts have changed.

I use curl to upload files, which will always overwrite existing files without prompting. If I find a compelling reason, I'll find a way to include more sophisticated FTP functionality.

As far as I'm concerned, this is pretty much feature complete. If nobody runs into major bugs, I might just fix some rough edges and call this 1.0.

If you find bugs, please tell me about them. You can do so at the bottom of this page.


I'm planning to write some form of documentation here once I have more time. One small hint though: to make setting up a server easier, you can drag the local folder to the Local path field.


Version 0.31 November 28th, 2012

Version 0.3 April 1, 2012

Known issues

Version 0.2 March 27, 2012

Future plans

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